Leading Health Product Distributors Since 2002

GR General Merchandise offers affordable and premium beauty/health products to its varied global clientele. With a mission to deliver the highest quality products with the best value to our customers, we are a leading name in the health & beauty industry. The company started with a handful natural health care products to offer at reasonable rates. Our customers have made us what we are today. We are modern day beauty and health product distributors dedicated to helping you look young and beautiful again. Our premium quality natural organic beauty products have become increasingly popular among masses

Organic Health Products

We have become a leading beauty care supplier in the entire United States. With a wide range of health and best beauty care products, GR General Merchandise forms strategic alliances with numerous companies to offer you the best products and services. In recent times, we have seen many people complaining about the authenticity of products. Amid the mass sale of fake supplement products, GR General is an authorized reseller selling products at much lower rates.

Affordable & Quality Products

There is a reason why we have become a successful name in the industry. GR General Merchandise does not compromise on quality – we are committed to product quality ensuring you will receive 100% original product. Whether you are looking for beauty products, commercial beauty products, or natural health care products, our quality is second to none. Our team strives hard to perform stringent quality checks. We, at GR General, believe that customers are our biggest asset – therefore, we offer unrivaled customer services.

GR General Merchandise gives utmost precedence to customer satisfaction. Our team has tirelessly worked day in and out to attain and maintain a 100% customer satisfaction record.

Why Choose Us?

GR General Merchandise is a health and beauty care supplier since 2002 specializing in organic health care products and organic beauty products. Here is why our customers have been choosing us over the years:

  • -Premium quality beauty and health products
  • -Lower rates than the market
  • -Leading name in the industry
  • -24/7 customer support for your convenience