6 Tips To Start A Business In The Beauty Sector

Do you want to start a business in the beauty sector but do not have a business idea or plan? Do not worry! There are hundreds of business models that can inspire you.  You can kick start an online beauty business with a spa that specializes in giving a first level treatment to the care and maintenance of skin and hair. There is still space in the market to undertake. Therefore, this business idea consists of an online store with products made for lovers of hipster fashion. If you are not sure which beauty skin care products to purchase from the horde of beauty care wholesale suppliers - we here leave you these six business tips to undertake in the beauty sector. Your passion is beauty and makes your customers feel special. Do not lose detail!


  1. Budget and investment

You are thinking about opening your own beauty business, but you do not want to spend a lot of money because you would like to start small and see if your project works. What you are still not very clear about is the way you will establish yourself and how you will begin to work. One of your biggest fears is that you invest all your savings, in the end, it does not go well, and you end up losing everything. Therefore, you want to start with something tiny and go little by little or, bet on a more secure formula, which allows you to go step by step and mark a line to follow.

According to the study, a woman invests between one and two hours a day in her grooming, while her favorite beauty treatments are skin care facials, masks, body scrubs, massages, permanent straightening, Keratin treatment, micro pigmentation's, eyebrow designs, and curly eyelashes. About how much women spend to achieve aesthetic perfection, it follows that integrating to the market of beauty and personal care is a good idea to undertake.

For this, you need an initial investment that will allow you to develop your portal where you not only offer the best quality items (for skin and hair care) but also secure online payment options (like PayPal) or in cash through bank deposit. The above without forgetting a logistics and shipping system so that the orders reach the door of your customers.


  1. Start from home and offer home services as self-employed.

This formula is perfect for those beauty professionals who want to start their own beauty business, without having to rent a place and spend the least. To begin working legally, providing beauty services at home, you only have to register as self-employed, pay a primary insurance and bill services performed at the end of the month.

Make sure that the room in which you are going to assemble your beauty cabinet enjoys the independence and privacy enough not to have to mix your house with your business. Also, we recommend that access to the room is comfortable and wide. The room should have a bathroom nearby, and that it meets the necessary lighting and ventilation conditions.


  1. Make it legit!

Submit a technical report with a responsible declaration and proceed to the payment of the corresponding municipal taxes at the town hall of your locality. You do not need a previous license because your beauty cabinet will have less than 300 m2. You can start your business now!

Apart from the 'paperwork' that you must process to open your beauty salon at home, you must make a budget of what you want to spend on furniture and decoration, equipment and materials. For example, a stretcher, a chair and a dresser with light, a bookcase, a small Nail Bar, a floor lamp magnifying glass and LED flash, a stool and a cart with drawers.


  1. Buy necessary equipment

In addition, you must have the equipment needed for service (UV lamps for nails, wax heaters and appliances to perform your facial and body treatments) and various materials (makeup and brushes, enamels, solvents, cotton, gloves, bowls, masks, essential oils, professional beauty products, caps, masks, blades, etc.).


  1. Search for a co-working or collaboration with another business

This tip is also a perfect alternative if you are not yet ready to open your salon in a place and want to complement the activity, which you do at home or provide your services at home. Collaborate with businesses in the sector that need a beauty professional. It will be a golden opportunity to promote yourself, improve your visibility and attract more clients.

For example, imagine that you know a hairdresser, who would like to offer beauty services in their center, but does not want to have it on staff at the moment. One way to achieve this is by providing yourself the possibility of collaborating with them, a couple of days a week and giving up one of the stalls or booths for you to make up, do manicures and pedicures and even perform some facial or body treatment. At the end of the month, you would bill for the hours and services, and they would take a commission or rent. It also sounds impressive.


  1. Open your living room in a small room with essential services.

It can be the next step or, first if you have a slightly higher budget. If you are already looking at rentals, we recommend that you opt for one located on a busy and full street, that looks good, and that is in an area of passage of cars and pedestrians. It can be in the center or a neighborhood with possibilities of growth. The most usual thing is to start with a place of about 60-80 m2, which is easy to distribute to create different rooms.


  1. Buy a popular beauty franchise and set it up in your city.

This option is perfect for those who start a business is involved or do not know if your project will like. Buying a franchise will save you the uncertainty because it is already a successful business. In this case, you give control to the franchisor, which establishes the brand, costs, decoration and furniture, advertising, promotions, and others. You are your boss, and you take charge of your beauty salon, which is backed by a name, a path and a protocol to follow.