7 Skin Care Habits That Can Worsen Acne

Proper hygiene and hydration with specific acne beauty products are the fundamental elements to treat acne properly. While acne usually appears at puberty associated with other hormonal changes (appearance of hair, the growth of mammary glands, etc.). Nevertheless, this situation can be maintained over time later. So it is not a problem that should associate exclusively with a baby skin. However, it is essential to bear in mind that the treatment of young skin with acne cannot be identical to that of mature skin.

If acne is treated with drugs by prescription or acne beauty products, you must follow the instructions rigorously. Keep in mind that there are treatments such as antibiotics and derivatives of retinoic acid (topical or oral) that increase the sensitivity to the sun, so these treatments should use sunscreen. The use of sunscreens should also be taken into account with oral contraceptives prescribed to control the production of fat, as these products also increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun and its use is associated with the appearance of spots.  For your delight, we put seven skin care habits that worsen acne with its side effect. Therefore, among the main recommendations to properly treat acne include:


  1. Use specific moisturizing treatments: They should always be fat-free and should be chosen according to whether they are blackheads or if the skin is treated with a topical dermatological product or with any medication that produces irritation or dryness. Pimples can be treated locally. With products such as benzoyl peroxide, products with glycolic acid or with antibiotics. The bases, moisturizers or sunscreens that contain oil can also worsen acne. The oil contained in the products clogs the pores, which produces more acne. Look for products marked "acne-free" or that do not clog pores.


  1. Do not disinfect the cell phone and makeup accessories: Clean it from time to time with individual wipes. More if you live it close to it and talking on the phone or use your headphones to not rub it all over your cheeks. Also, every time you brush your makeup brushes down your face you are putting the bacteria from the bristles on your skin. If you do not wash these tools from time to time, you will be putting something filthy on your face.


  1. Washing your face many times a day: It seems the best of ideas if your skin is super greasy right? However, it could dry out your skin more and make the glands produce more oil. Only clean it when you wake up and before you go to sleep to remove your makeup. No more!


  1. Exfoliation in excess: We love the exfoliation, we always talk about all its benefits, but like rinsing your face more, exfoliate more than a couple of times a week could have the same counterproductive effect. Also, your skin could become irritated, and those acne scars could take a long time to heal.


  1. Using inappropriate products: We understand that you want to end the problem as quickly as possible, but do not fill your face with ten thousand products against acne, these tend to dry your skin. Use two and no more.


  1. Use of moisturizer: No matter how greasy your skin or how much you want to dry those pimples, do not forget to moisturize your skin every day! Try an oil-free cream, little greasy and leave your face with a matte finish.


  1. It is essential not to manipulate the injuries: Avoid scratching, squeezing or rubbing the acne to prevent the infection from spreading and leaving marks on the skin. The appearance of acne does not have to go with marks and scars, as long as the lesions are not manipulated.

If the acne is abundant, painful and is very extended (face, back, chest, etc.), it is advisable to consult the dermatologist.  It is also important to know that since acne is a hormonal problem, it is not possible to avoid it, although it can be controlled. Its duration will depend on the time it takes to stabilize the hormonal pattern or if the treatment goes beyond hygiene and hydration. It can vary between six months and the year depending on the gravity. Stay clean, stay acne free!