8 Organic & Natural Shampoo Brands That Will Have You Breaking Up With Chemicals

For many of us, using natural organic beauty products for hair and skin care are essential components of our daily routine. They are like old friends. They are always there to take care of us. Most days, the cleaning and preparation process is an excellent way to refocus, celebrate the beauty and start our mornings. Comprehensive personal care involves treating our bodies, people and the earth well. We believe it is important to avoid harmful chemicals and support brands that promote sustainability without cruelty. We love these eight best beauty care products of natural and organic shampoo to help us stay true to our values and feel beautiful as we do it.

What are organic shampoos?

Organic shampoos are best for your hair because in its formula contains surfactants with a light cleaning power, such as Cocoa Betaine / Cocoamidopropyl Betaine and Sodium Lauroyl. These surfactants are derived from amino acids. Many shampoos use petroleum-based surfactants, including sulfate, which has strong detergency. However, in addition to removing the impurities from the strands, sulfate also removes the nutrients, hydration and natural lipids from the strands. This leaves the hair dry, brittle, brittle and damaged. In addition, because it is a powerful ingredient can also bring other problems, such as fall, dandruff, and dryness of the scalp.

Organic shampoos are increasingly popular as they ensure healthier hair with a better texture, brighter colors and lasting moisturizing. Organic products are lighter and have no aggressive ingredients, thus avoiding irritations or allergies in the scalp. Thanks to natural components, the continued use of these shampoos also reduces dandruff and hair loss.

Choose Ideal Organic Shampoo

To help you choose the best option for you, we have made a guide on how to select the ideal organic shampoo and a ranking of the best options in the market! Check it out and have healthier and chemistry-free hair.

  1.  Truly Organic

    We love Truly Organic, a brand that respects the environment and is environmentally friendly. The anti-aging developments of Dr. David Jarvis have resulted inexpensive products that promote a "prosperous, organic and happy lifestyle." Made with real fruits and vegetables, the products promise never to strip natural oils from hair. Instead, they help maintain healthy proteins and amino acids. The certified and well-managed forest eco-label is another special touch that represents the dedication of Truly Organic to soft and high-quality products.


    1. Davines

    Founded in Italy in 1983, Davines is one of our favorite brands of high-end organic hair care products. Spanning more than 75 countries, Davines celebrates the diversity between cultures, customs, personalities, and appearances while sharing its history and heritage. These products reflect simplicity and harmony and encourage people to "take care of themselves, the environment in which they live and work, the things they love."


    1. Alternate Ten

     This is a brand that is internationally recognized for the exclusive ingredients it uses for its formulas. In this case, we can find truffle oil, grape oil, and African cocoa. According to its users rejuvenates hair completely. Its price is 60 dollars.


    1. John Masters Organics

    John Masters Organics changes the rules of the game for beautiful products for hair and skin care. They favor natural fertilizers, pesticides and other means of cultivation and are committed to partnerships with local farmers. John Masters avoids synthetic chemicals, instead of using wild-harvested ingredients and cold pressed steam distillate extracts. Without artificial improvements, "it is better for the body and the earth simply to return to the source: super natural botanists." The hair care products and shampoos are wonderful. The most exciting thing about this shampoo is that it does not contain chemicals.


    1. Rahua

    This brand is committed to organic, clean, natural, vegan products, shampoos, dedicated to sustaining the Amazon rainforest and indigenous peoples. What makes this brand even more special is its unusual molecular structure that "penetrates deeply into the cortex of the hair, uniting and repairing it, while smoothing the cuticle of the hair." Rahua is a refreshing line of essential products. The aim of the brand is to achieve the greatest impact on hair and scalp health without distressing the natural environment."


    1. Oribe

     The brand that is among the favorites of Hollywood stars offers one of the best shampoos in the market. For 116 dollars you can buy a kit with a 350 ml bottle of shampoo and other hair products.


    1. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

     The brand Philip B is the creator of this formula. It consists of grape seeds, rose water and nettle. The 260 ml bottle costs 140 dollars.


    1. Acqua di Parma

    This brand is about celebrating the power of well-being for people and the earth. If you are looking for healthy, vegan and sustainable products for your hair and scalp, Acqua Di Parma could become your new favorite. The experience of more than 100 years ago makes it one of the most exclusive beauty brands that exist. Its line of shampoos costs USD 30 and offers aromas of jasmine, rosemary, citrus, and Bulgarian rose. Professionals say it is worth every penny in terms of quality and smell.