Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic FOOD GRADE 10 lb,
Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic FOOD GRADE 10 lb,
Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic FOOD GRADE 10 lb,
Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic FOOD GRADE 10 lb,

Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic FOOD GRADE 10 lb,

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Our Bentonite Clay is the highest premium grade available and is 100% pure. Bentonite Clay is gathered at its original natural source, at the feet of the Wyoming Volcanoes.Bentoni

Calcium bentonite clay can be used as a compress to help soothe wounds, cuts, muscle damage, bruises and pain associated with carpal tunnel. When preparing a compress from calcium bentonite clay, simply combine the clay with water and mix it until it has the consistency of mud. Once the solution has been mixed, simply apply it to the area that is in pain. Other external conditions that respond to bentonite treatments include rashes, psoriasis and eczema.


When it mixes with water, calcium bentonite swells and becomes inert. Mixing the clay with water and consuming it is frequently used to cleanse and detox the body internally. The clay swells while inside the body, causing toxins to become attracted to it. Once the toxins are attracted, they are absorbed into the clay and passed through the body through the feces. Since the clay is inert, it will not change its structure before passing through the bowels.


Because of the binding properties of calcium bentonite clay, it is often used in a variety of commercial beauty products. Some of these recipes are used as a treatment for dark circles under the eyes and for deep cleaning facial masks. Because of its ability to draw toxins and dirt from the pores, clay masks are often used as an acne control treatment. Some of the other cosmetic uses for calcium bentonite clay include treatments for blemishes, cellulite, eczema and wrinkles.

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Great product

I love the texture of this clay. I dissolves a lot easier than the other bentonite clay that I have, which makes it a lot easier to use. Would buy again!

Five Stars

Like this better than others because it dissolves in bath completely and will not leave clumps of clay.

Five Stars

Great for skin. I use it to draw out toxins from my skin.


I am using this (mixed with water) as an internal cleanser and also as a facial mask. There are many benefits to using this product. Do your research.

Awesome: ) love this clay

Awesome :) love this clay :) great for baths :)